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Schaden ist alles was dazu führt das die Gesundheit einer Einheit sinkt. Helden, Creeps, Ancients, Roshan und Brunnen sind alle fähig Schaden austeilen.

Damage Sources[Bearbeiten]

Damage can be dealt by attacks, abilities and items. Attack damage is the damage dealt per attack, and is displayed on the sword icon in the HUD. Heroes start off with a basic damage plus 1 extra damage per point of primary attribute. As heroes level up, they gain primary attributes and therefore gain damage. Items that grant increased "Damage" increase attack damage, and do not affect abilities and items. Abilities and items can also deal damage. These are generally fixed. However, some abilities can be upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, while others scale with hero stats, conditions or enemy hp etc.


Alle formen von Schaden sind in Dota 2 unterteilt in Schadenstypen. Es gibt 3 Hauptschadenstypen: Physisch, Magisch und Rein. Physischer Schaden kann durch Physische Rüstung oder Schadens-Block verringert werden, Magischer Schaden kann durch Magieresistenz verringert werden, während Reiner Schaden weder durch Rüstung noch durch Magieresistenz verringert werden kann. All 3 primary damage types have some interaction with other damage-related game mechanics as noted in the table below. There are two additional damage types that can reduce a unit's current health: HP Removal and Negative Regeneration; however, these two types are unaffected by almost all other damage-related game mechanics.

Spielmechanik Schadenstyps Interaktion mit der Mechanik
Physisch, Angriffe Physisch, Fähigkeiten Magisch Rein Andere
Rüstung verringert verringert normal normal normal
Schadens-Block verringert1 normal normal normal normal
Magieresistenz normal normal verringert normal normal
Atherisch kein Effekt kein Effekt verstärkt normal normal
Ausweichen kann verfehlen normal normal normal normal
Blind kann verfehlen normal normal normal normal
Schadensverstärkung2 verstärkt verstärkt verstärkt verstärkt normal
Schadensverringerung2 verringert verringert verringert verringert normal
Schadensnegierung2 kein Effekt kein Effekt kein Effekt kein Effekt normal
Magische Schadensbarriere normal normal kein Effekt normal normal
Unverwundbarkeit kein Effekt kein Effekt kein Effekt kein Effekt abhängig3
Zauberimmunität abhängig4 abhängig4 abhängig4 abhängig4 normal

1 Angriffe von Wards werden nicht geblockt.

2 These categories only count ability effects which directly manipulate damage, reducing, amplifying or completely blocking them, such as Bloodrage icon.png Bloodrage, Bristleback icon.png Bristleback and Refraction icon.png Refraction. They do not include abilities which amplify or reduce damage by increasing/reducing magic resistance/armor of units, such as Veil of Discord icon.png Veil of Discord, Spell Shield icon.png Spell Shield, 16px Amplify Damage and Warcry icon.png Warcry.

3 Some source of HP removal are coded to not harm invulnerable units, but some are able to harm them through invulnerability.

4 By itself, Spell Immunity does not interact with any damage type. All spells are rated as to whether or not they can pierce spell immunity independent of their damage type. Thus, spell immunity only governs if a spell will have any effect, not how much damage it will inflict. To receive no effects from a spell, the spell must not pierce Spell Immunity and the target would require both Spell Immunity and 100% damage reduction of the damage type the spell inflicts.


Physical Damage can be inflicted by regular attacks from all units (including structures), and by certain abilities. Physical damage is modified by both armor and damage block, is unaffected by magic resistance, and cannot affect ethereal units.

Physical damage is further divided into attack type categories that modify damage based on the target's armor type. All physical damage is affected by both armor and armor type. For example, piercing damage deals 150% damage to unarmored units (such as lane creeps) but only 50% damage to heroes. Such resistances are applied in addition to resistance from armor value. A full list of the attack types of creeps and summoned units can be found here. (Table of attack and armor types)

The only exception to this is damage from cleave, which is reduced by armor type and damage block but not by armor value. Practically speaking this means armor is worthless against cleave damage. Splash (from ranged attacks) is reduced as normal.

The abilities Guardian Angel icon.png Guardian Angel and Cold Embrace make their targets completely immune to physical damage, although they can still be targeted by attacks and abilities.

Effective Physical Damage by Attack Type and Armor Type[Bearbeiten]

Armor Type
Unarmored Light Medium Heavy Fortified Hero
Normal 100% 100% 150% 125% 70% 75%
Pierce 150% 200% 75% 75% 35% 50%
Siege 100% 100% 50% 125% 150% 75%
Chaos 100% 100% 100% 100% 40% 100%
Hero 100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100%

Balance Changelog[Bearbeiten]

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