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Helden sind das wichtigste Element in Dota 2, da sie den Ausgang des Spiels entscheiden. Während der Partie, wählen Zwei Teams 5 Helden aus einen gesamten Pool von {{#ask:|format=count}} Helden sammeln experience und gold um stärker zu werden un neue Fähigkeiten zu erlangen um das gegnerische Ancient zu zerstören. Viele Helden haben eine bestimme role die bestimmt wie ihr Einfluss auf das Schlachtfeld ist , Dennoch können Helden viele verschiedene Rollen erfüllen . Das Aussehen eines Helden kann verändert werden durch equipment.

For a table of heroes sorted by attributes and mechanics, see table of hero attributes.


Helden besitzen eines von den drei Hauptattributen: Stärke, Agilität, und Intelligenz. Jeder Punkt von seinem Hauptattribut erhöht den Schaden des Helden.

Icon Str selected.png Stärke[Bearbeiten]

Stärke Helden sind widerstandsfähige Krieger die mehr Schaden einstecken können als andere. Diese Krieger haben die höchsten natürlichen Lebebenpunkte health und Regenerieren diese sehr schnell, was sie lange im kampf hält und sie Schaden machen lässt. Stärke Helden haben viele verschiedene rollen zum Beispielt initiators oder starke disablers, fast alle Stärke helden sind Nahkämpfer melee heroes.

Hero Description
Earthshaker icon.png
Woken from the depth of the earth, Raigor Stonehoof shapes the battlefield with seismic force. With his long ranged Fissure, the Earthshaker creates impassable terrain where none existed before. Up close, Raigor swings heavily with his Enchanted Totem, hitting thrice as hard. Never afraid to be outnumbered, the Earthshaker turns the tables with a mighty Echo Slam, demolishing entire armies in the process.

Sven icon.png
The Rogue Knight lives by two creeds: Honor, as ordained by his own personal code, and solitude. Using his iron gauntlet, Sven throws out the Storm Hammer to stun multiple foes, then closes in to cut them down with Great Cleave. In the heat of battle, the Rogue Knight calls upon God's Strength, greatly increasing his power as he descends on hapless opponents with his gargantuan blade.

Tiny icon.png
A curious being of animated stone, Tiny roams the world in search of his origins. Seemingly mild-mannered, the Stone Giant is nonetheless a force to behold as he brings down an Avalanche of boulders. With a simple Toss, Tiny throws friends and foes alike across the battlefield, while his Craggy Exterior turns the blades of any foolish enough to assail him. In time and with experience, Tiny Grows larger and more powerful. Some have even claimed to witness the Stone Giant wielding a massive tree, bludgeoning at a fortress until only rubble remained.

Kunkka icon.png
It is said that none survived the battle at the Trembling Isle, save perhaps, the Admiral of the Claddish fleet. Man or phantom, Kunkka's presence on the battlefield is duly felt by all. Armed with the legendary Tidebringer, the Admiral strikes with a single blow at all who stand before him. A veteran of innumerable naval engagements, Kunkka times his skills with planned precision, catching opponents in a rising Torrent, before summoning the ephemeral Ghostship to dash them upon the rocks.

Beastmaster icon.png
Raised in the royal menagerie of Slom, Karroch learned to converse with beasts from a young age. With this unique talent, the Beastmaster is able to summon to his side a trusty Boar and a scouting Hawk. In addition to his companions, Karroch has mastered the art of throwing Wild Axes, cutting down trees and foes before returning to his hands. The Beastmaster awakens the Inner Beast of nearby allies, increasing their attack speed. Should an enemy attempt to flee, Karroch lets loose a Primal Roar, incapacitating the target and clearing the path to its demise.

Dragon Knight icon.png
Dragon Knight
As Sir Davion slew Slyrak in arranged combat, the Eldwurm's blood mingled with his own, sealing their essences together. He was no longer a dragon-slayer, but a Dragon Knight. The infusion of Dragon Blood caused his wounds to heal with inhuman speed, and granted him great new powers. While nowhere as grand as Slyrak, he found himself with the ability to Breathe Fire, immolating packs of foes at once. But when Davion took on his Elder Dragon Form, he became the Eldwurm itself, and upon his awestruck enemies he rained projectiles of acid, fire, and ice.

Clockwerk icon.png
Powered by revenge and ingenuity, Rattletrap armored himself into an instrument of war. Rocket Flares flew from his shoulder-mounted launcher, striking and revealing distant territories. A sudden Hookshot flies, latching and pulling the mechanized Keen to his unsuspecting foe. Before the stunned target could react, Rattletrap erects a grid of Power Cogs, trapping his foe within while repelling help from without. He triggers the suit's Battery Assault, and watches the target panic as short bursts of shrapnel whittle down its remaining health...

Omniknight icon.png
One of few to ever gaze upon the Omniscience itself, Purist Thunderwrath's faith in the All Seeing One was unshakable. The seasoned knight had been imbued with holy strength, with which he now uses to preserve his allies. The light of Purification not only heals his companions, but burns any foes close by. No sorceries avail against an ally shielded with Repel. In decisive moments of battle, Omniknight calls forth the Guardian Angel, granting himself and nearby allies near invulnerability against all physical attacks.

Huskar icon.png
Rescued against his will from the Nothl Realm, the revived Huskar found supernatural strength in his own living essence. The Sacred Warrior marks Burning Spears with blood, setting both weapon and lifeforce alight before throwing them at his foes. By sacrificing a portion of his health with Life Break, Huskar lunges towards a single target, causing it to lose an even greater portion of health. With every blow sustained, Berserker's Blood redoubled the Sacred Warrior's speed and made him ever more resilient to magic, facing down his opponent in a bloody fervor until he emerged triumphant.

Alchemist icon.png
Having broken out of prison with his ogre accomplice, Razzil Darkbrew embarks on the search for new materials to use in his transmutations. Learned in alchemy, Razzil is able to extract extra gold from creeps, and create fields of toxic sludge with Acid Spray. The Alchemist brews, atop the shoulders of his companion, an increasingly Unstable Concoction that is ideally thrown before it explodes. In a pinch, Razzil slips his partner an unknown potion, inducing a Chemical Rage in the ogre's body. Symptoms include unnatural attack speed, rapid health regeneration, and a pleasant purple hue.

Brewmaster icon.png
For nine days Mangix fought the master of his order, both warriors swilling and striking in equal measure, until at last the elder collapsed into a drunken stupor. Having claimed the title of Brewmaster, Mangix now wanders the land as a Drunken Brawler, swinging and evading with unpredictable finesse. Under one arm he holds a great keg, and not merely for storing booze. Mangix drenches enemies in alcohol, disorienting them before slamming the barrel down with a Thunder Clap. Rumor around taverns is that the Brewmaster is actually composed of three elementals, and should one catch him sufficiently intoxicated, one may just witness this Primal Split in action.

Treant Protector icon.png
Treant Protector
From beyond the Vale of Augury comes Rooftrellen, a lone explorer sent forth by his ancient race to survey the wider world. Barely distinguishable from his arboreal brethren, the Treant Protector blends into the forest with Nature's Guise, draining foes with Leech Seed while protecting allies with Living Armor. Given possession of one mystical scepter, Rooftrellen enchants trees to serve as his Eyes in the Forest. Unsuspecting foes may find themselves in an Overgrowth of vines and roots, fully immobilized for that which awaits them.

Io icon.png
The phenomenon that is Io manifests on the physical plane as a wisp of light, its purpose beyond mortal understanding. It flits to and fro the battlefield, searching for an ally to Tether to. Those blessed with Io's bond feel their feet lighten as the Wisp channels its own regenerative powers into their body. Should its host falter, Io begins to Overcharge, augmenting that ally's speed while strengthening his resolve. As a force unbound by the laws of corporeal space, Io is able to temporarily Relocate itself and an ally to any point in the world, often saving a companion from certain death.

Centaur Warrunner icon.png
Centaur Warrunner
Some write to express their being, others paint or sing. But for the centaurs of Druud, there is no higher art than the art of killing. And in that, none was more accomplished than Bradwarden. With skills acquired in the arena, the Warrunner punishes his opponents for every attack, disregarding harm to himself as he metes out a fearsome Double Edge. Ever in search of a worthy opponent, Bradwarden rouses his allies to charge down enemies in a wild Stampede. Once battle is joined, the Centaur Warrunner tramples surrounding foes with a Hoof Stomp, stunning them just long enough for his battleaxe to sink in.

Timbersaw icon.png
Rizzrack had good cause to be paranoid. Augury Bay fell to the walking trees, its inhabitants crushed under branch and bough. But that was the past. The new saw-suit changed everything. Its long Timber Chain shot out, grasping the nearest trunk and pulling the suit towards it. In an instant, a dozen trees fell in a circle to the oversized saw. Whirling Death, I'll call it! But that was not all. A press of the button, and the bladed Chakram flew into the forest, cutting down even the sturdiest of hardwoods. Delirious with success, Rizzrack sent the saw spinning in all directions, cackling until all that remained was a field of naked stumps. Now, he was ready to face his fears.

Bristleback icon.png
The enforcer at a local pub, Rigwarl's never failed to collect a tab. That is, until he met one tough customer from the north. For the first time in his life, Rigwarl felt the need to train. His thorny back deters attack while peppering foes with constant Quill Sprays. From his nose he blows thick gobs of snot, slowing and covering opponents in Viscous Nasal Goo. With every volley and every sneeze, Rigwarl works himself into a fury, adding rage to each blow as he goes on the Warpath in search of a rematch.

Tusk icon.png
Amidst broken stools and shattered bottles, the bewildered barkeep issued Ymir his greatest challenge. Find a proper battle, and win it for whichever side he chose. With that, the champion brawler strode forth, bringing with him the northern elements in the form of a Frozen Sigil. To make sure no opponent chickens out, Ymir throws down a field of Ice Shards, cutting off all retreat. Gathering both snow and allies, Ymir rolls into battle as an unstoppable Snowball, stunning foes in its path. For a finale, the Tusk winds up his drinking arm, and launches his opponent into orbit with one good, solid Walrus PUNCH!

Elder Titan icon.png
Elder Titan
Even the greatest of Titans err in their work. Trapped in his own flawed creation, the Worldsmith seeks forever to repair the fissured planes. His Natural Order reduces all to its base, disintegrating whatever defenses his foes layer themselves with. From a hidden plane, the Elder Titan summons his Astral Spirit, sending this ghostly form through bodies and past defenses. Once positioned, an Echo Stomp rings out from both Titan and spirit, knocking unconscious all in its wake. The battlefield cracks under the Titan's forge hammer, and a glimpse of creation is seen as the Earth Splitter rends the ground asunder. For what the Worldsmith makes, he can also unmake.
Legion Commander icon.png
Legion Commander
Renowned for her intrepid defense of Stonehall, the commander of the Bronze Legion swore a brutal vengeance upon its abyssal invaders. The call of Tresdin's horn heals and hastens her soldiers, inspiring them to Press the Attack. Faced with Overwhelming Odds, the commander calls down a spread of arrows from the archers of Stonehall. But above all, Tresdin relishes the Duel. Locked in single combat, she counterstrikes instinctively, slashing twice in the time her opponent takes to swing once. With each victory claimed, the Legion Commander adds to her strength, scaling her potential upwards without limit.
Earth Spirit icon.png
Earth Spirit
Reborn of stone and jade, Kaolin fights with strength gathered from a thousand years of entombment. The great general places, like pieces on a grand board, silent Stone Remnants for use in strategies known only to himself. A master of positioning, Kaolin knocks back foes with Boulder Smash, pulls close allies with Geomagnetic Grip, and freely manipulates his Remnants at will. Never one to lead from behind, Kaolin crashes into the fray as a Rolling Boulder. Foes are left stumbling away from battle, their health slipping as they try in vain to escape from the general's maze of Magnetized stone.
Phoenix icon.png
Out of the deep void burst forth infinite stars, among them the cosmic progeny known to mortals as Phoenix. With stellar flame emanating from its terrestrial form, the Phoenix dives the battlefield in an arc, setting ablaze all who pass beneath its wings. Within its ever-collapsing core sprang short-lived Fire Spirits, paroxysms of conscious light that burned with debilitating flame. From afar the firebird beams its Sun Ray, scorching foes, yet nurturing allies. By its own celestial timing, the son of suns ends its current life in a Supernova, radiating intense heat until the mass explodes, restoring Phoenix to its form through the glory of rebirth.
Axe icon.png
One by one the soldiers of the Red Mist fell, some in battle, others to Moghul Khan's ambitions, until the self-declared general found himself a commander without troops. No matter, Axe thought. For a one-man army is the best army of all. Leaping into battle, Moghul Khan compels nearby foes to attack him with a taunting Berserker's Call. Absorbing blows from every direction, Axe reacts by swinging his axe full circle, easily dispatching the swarm he had gathered. But alas, not all stay long enough to meet their end. The few limping away from Moghul Khan feel an inexplicable Battle Hunger, a hunger that is never sated before Axe sends them to an early grave with Culling Blade.
Pudge icon.png
The Butcher loomed over the field, strewn with dead and dying, his body swaying with heaped flesh. Swish, thunk. Pudge hacks tendon from joint, flesh from bone, and gobbles down his grisly harvest. But carcasses were no substitute for fresh meat. So the Butcher lies in wait, peering through foliage with beady eyes. Was it food or foe? Pudge rarely made the distinction. His Meat Hook sails through the air, dragging the prey across the river with a savage yank. Disoriented, the meat stumbles, gagging on a sudden stench of Rot. It looks up at the fleshy hulk, hoping for an answer, only to watch the cleaver fall as the Butcher Dismembers his next meal in a bloody slaughter.
Sand King icon.png
Sand King
Obscured in the harshest of Sand Storms was Crixalis, guardian and ambassador of the Scintillant Waste. A construct of sentient sand, the Sand King traverses the world in a carapace of Djinn's craft. From beneath the shifting dunes he ambushes enemies with Burrowstrike, inflicting a desiccating venom that causes their corpses to erupt in a Caustic Finale. But true destruction was heralded by a beating tail. Within moments, the ground pulsed with violent tremors, and from its moving Epicenter Crixalis pursued scattering foes until the very last fell to their knees. Across bazaars and between towns, the learned repeat a simple truth. Where the Sand King walks, the earth trembles.
Slardar icon.png
More suited to the comforts of the lightless ocean canyons, Slardar surfaces only to scout, and to track down those who have thieved from the Sunken Treasury. Born under the immense pressure of the deep, he Guardian Sprints with one muscular tail, chasing down legged foes with alarming swiftness. Ever vigilant in his duties, Slardar casts a Corrosive Haze over hidden intruders, revealing their form and softening their armor. Once discovered, there was little time to react. Slardar smashes the ground with a Slithereen Crush, dazing nearby enemies just long enough to pulverize them with Bash of the Deep.
Tidehunter icon.png
Tired of undersea politics, Leviathan rises from the waves to stalk the shallows for victims. Travelers who cross him are blasted with a Gush of foamy brine, impairing their movement as the Tidehunter lumbers after them on land. Wielding a souvenir stolen from a hated rival, Leviathan pulverizes armor and flesh alike with a hefty Anchor Smash. Spears and arrows bend against his Kraken Shell, allowing no chance for interruption as the Tidehunter summons his abyssal god to Ravage enemies in a sea of flailing tentacles.
Wraith King icon.png
Wraith King
On the millennial solstice known as Wraith-Night, Ostarion stood frozen amid the carnage, absorbing innumerable souls as his champions sacrificed their lives for the King. Now brimming with Wraith Essence, Ostarion immobilizes his adversaries with Wraithfire Blast, stunning and searing them over time. His greatsword smashes foes in one Mortal Strike, sapping their essence to feed his own Vampiric Aura. Only fools trust the erratic reports of Ostarion's death. For when slain, the wraith energies that bind his body begin to reconstitute his parts, joining limb to torso until the Wraith King's Reincarnation comes full circle.
Lifestealer icon.png
What was once a man is now little more than a husk, its mind long since departed from lifetimes of imprisonment. Or has it? Now on the loose, N'aix appears to be driven by a new purpose, although what precisely that is, none would know. The Lifestealer Feasts on raw flesh, nourishing himself with every attack while inflicting grievous Open Wounds that make escape near impossible. By sheer ferocity, or perhaps madness, N'aix flies into a Rage, intensifying his assault while defying all wizardry. For a particularly nasty surprise, the Lifestealer Infests an unhappy victim, hiding inside its body in wait for the opportunity to burst out in a gory explosion.
Night Stalker icon.png
Night Stalker
The beast of bedtime tales, Balanar is the primal terror that every child knows to fear. When night falls, Balanar goes on the hunt, moving and striking with devilish swiftness. He inflicts a debilitating Void, slowing and forcing his quarry to flee, arms withering and spells fizzling as their hearts are stricken with Crippling Fear. Even the lighted hours provide no safety from the Night Stalker. When needed, Balanar turns day to Darkness, spreads his wings under the blackened veil of night, and goes on the prowl for ever more victims.
Doom icon.png
Wings branded and visage twisted, the Fallen One bears little resemblance to his former self. Banished from the realm of light, Lucifer now walks the earth, bringing misery to all who stand against him. The towering demon Devours creeps in a single bite, digesting them whole and assimilating their abilities. The fires of Hell smolder at Lucifer's feet, leaving in his wake fields of Scorched Earth. When the bell of Vashundol tolls, an enemy's downfall is sure to follow. Lucifer places upon his adversary an enduring curse, burning away at its health and rendering it utterly powerless as it staggers towards its inevitable Doom.
Spirit Breaker icon.png
Spirit Breaker
From the elemental realm, Barathrum crosses into this world as an amalgamate of bestial forms, selected for the purpose of serving his hidden master. Gifted with Empowering Haste, the Spirit Breaker's strength increases with speed, and inspires nearby allies to keep the heady pace. Given sight of a distant foe, Barathrum initiates a Charge of Darkness, rushing past high valleys and dense woods until he crashes headlong into battle, stunning and knocking back enemies with a Greater Bash. Before foes can muster a response, the Spirit Breaker shifts into his native realm, reappearing up close to deliver the Nether Strike that will seal their fates.
Lycan icon.png
Part man and part wolf, Banehallow stands as the lone surviving heir to the noble house of Ambry. Not one to squander his curse, Banehallow Summons Wolves to scout ahead and aid him in the hunt. A blood-curdling Howl empowers his animal companions, sinking fang and claw into his prey with Feral Impulse. But these abilities pale in comparison to the true manifestation of his lycanthropy. Under the full moon, Banehallow Shapeshifts into the great wolf, and takes on supernatural haste as he sprints unhindered across the battlefield to tear the throats from his enemies.
Chaos Knight icon.png
Chaos Knight
Upon the black steed Armageddon, the Chaos Knight rode into countless battles with a single purpose in mind: To extinguish that which he knows as "The Light". Like a roll of unseen dice, the oldest Fundamental stuns his targets with a Chaos Bolt, then deals unpredictable damage in the form of Chaos Strikes. Those who escape the initial onslaught find themselves in a Reality Rift, reappearing inexplicably at Armageddon's side, exposed for its rider's wrath. Flanked by several images of himself, the Chaos Knight and his Phantasms hack their opponents apart with the strength of multiple heroes.
Undying icon.png
Consumed by the chorus of the unending Dirge, the Undying one marches across the land, rallying the dead to rise against the living. He saps the strength from his enemies with Decay, and tears the life from close-by beings with Soul Rip, searing enemies while infusing allies with health. Atop the battlefield he erects a terrible Tombstone, calling forth legions of zombies to maim and incapacitate his foes. The Undying's powers grow as he transforms into a gruesome Flesh Golem, slowing and rendering nearby enemies vulnerable until their lifeless bodies succumb at last to the almighty Dirge.
Magnus icon.png
A magnoceros does not believe in chance, and the eruption of Mount Joerlak was no accident. For this reason Magnus set out, never to return to his kin until those responsible had been impaled upon his horn. He charges into battle, Skewering and dragging enemies through any terrain. With a deep bellow, the magnoceros Empowers his companions to strike beyond their normal scope, and devastates entire enemy columns with subterranean Shockwaves. In the midst of the fray, Magnus unleashes his most remarkable ability, Reverse Polarity. Nearby foes are pulled instantly to a spot before him, dazed and immobilized, ready to be dispatched by his allies.
Abaddon icon.png
Unlike the other scions of his house, Abaddon drank deeper than any from the prophetic vapors that flowed from the Font of Avernus. Now a being of unnatural powers, Abaddon releases deathly Mist Coils to damage adversaries and heal allies. The black mist swirls around his compatriots, forming an Aphotic Shield that absorbs attacks before bursting in a wide radius. But the Font's greatest gift is revealed only in the desperation of battle. Bestowed with Borrowed Time, Abaddon charges the enemy ranks, riding down foes with his cursed blade, his health returning with each welcoming blow. For all that was meant to kill did nothing but make the Lord of Avernus even more formidable.
Underlord icon.png
Through a Dark Rift comes the legions of the Abyssal Horde, marching out of their subterranean city with intent to conquer the nations above. Amidst the invaders stood Vrogros, the demonic hulk who rained apocalyptic Firestorms from the sky, engulfing towns and villages in emerald flame. Unsatisfied with ruling the lands below, the Underlord steps into the sunlight to expand his dominion over the surface world. Trapped in a Pit of Malice, the newly enslaved can only lament their dismal fate from now until the day when all is consumed by the yawning abyss.

Icon Agi selected.png Agilität[Bearbeiten]

Agilität Helden sind Schnelle und flinke Krieger , was sie zu Meistern der Waffen und Kampftechniken macht . Diese Helden haben hohen attack speed und armor, und fokussieren sich auf ihren Regulären Angriff und auf ihre items die sie ausgerüstet haben, aber können im notfall auf ihre Fähigkeiten zurückfallen. Agilität Helden sind oft die carrys oder gankers , weil sie sehr gut in das spätere Spiel skalieren.

Hero Description
Anti-Mage icon.png
Among the ascetic monks of Turstarkuri, only a young acolyte was fortunate enough to escape the fallen legion's assault on the monastery. Now, vowing to eliminate not only the magic of the Dead God, the Anti-Mage returns to eradicate magic altogether. Cloaked with a protective Spell Shield, he shrugs off sorcery that would end lesser heroes. No wizard's trick is enough to contain or elude the Anti-Mage, as he Blinks out of traps and pursues targets to the ends of the world. With each swing of his unorthodox blades, the Anti-Mage erodes his opponent's mana, setting up the depleted caster to perish in a crushing Mana Void.
Drow Ranger icon.png
Drow Ranger
Dwelling deep within the forest, few have ever caught glimpse of the solitary and impossibly beautiful Drow Ranger. Her presence was known only from the chill of Frost Arrows, driving deep into her enemies' hearts. Named and raised by the sympathetic Drow, Traxex draws on her heritage to send forth a powerful Gust, silencing and repulsing assailants who venture too close. Her expertise influences her allies, greatly increasing their ranged attacks with Precision Aura. None would ever match the Drow Ranger herself, however. For with each passing skirmish, her supreme Marksmanship grows ever more peerless.
Juggernaut icon.png
What laid under the Juggernaut's mask, none could say. The last of his kind, Yurnero carries alone the martial traditions of his native isle, now sunken forever beneath the waves. The Juggernaut elevates swordplay to an art form, cutting down foes in the unstoppable cyclone of Blade Fury, and striking at every vulnerability with Blade Dance. Should his party sustain injury, he is quick to replenishes their vitality with a portable Healing Ward. A paragon of discipline, Yurnero waits patiently for the opportune moment to execute his most fearsome technique. Dashing between foes with imperceptible swiftness, the Juggernaut's Omnislash eviscerates his opponents long before any can mount a defense.
Mirana icon.png
Mirana patrols the Nightsilver Woods, ever vigilant against those who would dare to take from her Goddess's preserve. Leaping into action on her white feline mount, the Princess of the Moon calls down a heavenly Starstorm to rain waves of meteors on surrounding enemies. Wielding a bow tipped with lunar ore, she takes skillful aim with Sacred Arrows to find her mark from extreme distances. By the blessing of Selemene, Mirana shrouds the land in Moonlight Shadow, disappearing her companions so that they may position themselves for the ultimate ambush.
Morphling icon.png
After eons of travel in the darkness of space, the icy comet plunged to earth, and from there rose an elemental being of sentient liquid. Unbound by any permanent shape, the Morphling shifts his attributes to match his needs, Morphing between potent attacker, and resilient survivor. He blasts enemies with Adaptive Strikes, violent bursts of water that sting or stun, depending on his composition. When needed, Morphling surges forward in Waveform, battering foes while passing through obstacles. Heroes who stare too long into Morphling may find their own Replicate staring back, a mimicry identical in appearance, but obedient only to its watery creator.
Phantom Lancer icon.png
Phantom Lancer
As Azwraith drove his pike through Vorn, the Dread Magus shattered into innumerable shards of light, saturating his killer with a strange new power. Once a humble fisherman, the Phantom Lancer spears targets from afar with Spirit Lance, spawning an illusion to harass his opponent as he closes the gap with Phantom Rush. When cornered, he vanishes briefly from the battlefield, reappearing at a nearby spot while leaving behind two Doppelgangers to confuse pursuers. In the heat of combat, Azwraith summons illusions through Juxtapose, overwhelming foes before their eyes can scarcely distinguish the Phantom Lancer from his army of clones.
Vengeful Spirit icon.png
Vengeful Spirit
Robbed of her wings and rightful place in the Ghastly Eyrie, Shendelzare appealed to the goddess Scree'auk to grant her the dark energies that would complete her vengeance. The fallen princess heralds her arrival with a Wave of Terror, unnerving foes close enough to hear her anguished cry. Like her airborne brethren, the Vengeful Spirit makes liberal use of Magic Missile, a simple Skywrath spell for stunning adversaries. Seeking martyrdom, Shendelzare instantly Nether Swaps with a hero of her choosing, gladly sacrificing herself as she trades positions with a besieged ally, or a fleeing enemy. The worthy who fight alongside Shendelzare are emboldened by her Vengeance Aura, a fanaticism that intensifies their blows and persists even beyond her death.
Riki icon.png
The soldiers came for his father, and his brothers, but not for Riki. For once, it was good to be the neglected middle child. Leaving his past life behind, Riki escaped the royal grounds using his own methods of Cloak and Dagger. Stealthy and fond of killing from behind, Riki throws down a dense Smoke Screen, blinding and choking foes as he takes them by surprise with Blink Strike. Intruders who enter his turf are greeted with twin daggers, flashes of steel that slash simultaneously at every turned back, while the master himself remains unseen. How this feat is accomplished remains a mystery, for Riki is not one to divulge the Tricks of the Trade.
Sniper icon.png
With a single bullet, Kardel Sharpeye pierced the steepstalker's central eye from the valley floor, an ominous act that resulted in his ritual exile. He would win acclaim on a field of battle, or never return. Like his mountain kin, the Sniper is one with his firearm. He Takes Aim from great distances, and scores Headshots that stop his targets dead. Armed with a modular rifle, Kardel launches incendiary rounds to rain burning Shrapnel over entrenched positions. No enemy is safe within the range of the Sniper's scope. Kardel pauses to line up his crosshairs, compensating for every variable before he Assassinates his mark in one fatal shot.
Templar Assassin icon.png
Templar Assassin
Only the Hidden Temple can satisfy Lanaya's infinite thirst for knowledge. In exchange for such wisdom, she pledged to protect its mysteries with her latent psionic abilities. Bending the laws of nature itself, Lanaya forms a Refraction field that absorbs incoming blows, yet amplifies outgoing attacks. She Melds into the background, lying in wait to unleash a burst of psionic energy on unsuspecting targets. Violet light emanates from her fingertips, Psi Blades that outrange any melee weapon, and cuts through lines of foes at once. Persistent in her goals, Lanaya marks the ground with magic circles of eldritch design. Those who walk unknowingly over a Psionic Trap can only limp away from the explosion—for their presence has been revealed, and the Templar Assassin is not far behind.
Luna icon.png
Renouncing her savage past, Luna swore her service to Selemene, and embraced the title of Moon Rider. The Goddess bestows a Lunar Blessing on her new champion, boosting her strength and heightening her nocturnal senses. Saddled on top of Nova, her beastly mount, Luna bounds across the Nightsilver Woods to smite trespassers with Lucent Beams. Superior numbers are no advantage against the Moon Rider. Through divine will, the midday sun gives way to night, and every foe is struck by rays of lunar energy as Luna tears through their ranks with flying Moon Glaives. By Selemene's wrath or through her own hand, the Moon Rider levels the battlefield under the brief darkness of the Eclipse.
Bounty Hunter icon.png
Bounty Hunter
Fear is the mother of rumor, and tales of Gondar's origins are nothing but hearsay. He Shadow Walks into the best guarded keeps, enchanting his blades with the word "Jinada", so that they may cripple with a single slice. If that doesn't do the job, Gondar reaches for his oversized Shuriken, and slings it into his victim's back. For the right price, the Bounty Hunter will deliver any head. The hunted are tagged with an invisible mark, allowing Gondar and his partners to Track, kill, and make a little extra off the corpse. Because in the end, it's all about the gold.
Ursa icon.png
The fiercest member of his ursine tribe, Ulfsaar makes it his purpose to seek out the evil fomenting beyond his homeland. The Ursa Warrior shakes the ground with Earthshock, slowing foes as he Overpowers them with relentless attacks. His claws dig in to widen the wound, inflicting greater damage with each successive Fury Swipe. An Enraged ursine is a sight to behold. Ignoring all pain, the Ursa Warrior goes into a righteous frenzy, and bears down on his opponents to maul them beyond recognition.
Gyrocopter icon.png
The world's first non-magical flying device took over a decade to create, and less than a few seconds to shoot down. But its pilot was not deterred. Aurel returned to the skies in a newer, better Gyrocopter. One with Flak Cannons, to strafe entire fields of foes. And Homing Missiles, to shoot down bogeys no matter how they twist or turn. Somebody infringing on your airspace? Let them have it with a Rocket Barrage. But sometimes, it's easier to just use the big bomb. Aurel Calls Down an air strike, and then delivers the payload himself before soaring away from the rising explosion. Not bad for an old timer.
Lone Druid icon.png
Lone Druid
Chosen by the forces of nature for his profound wisdom, Sylla is all that remains of his forgotten clan. The Lone Druid is followed by his Spirit Bear, a powerful companion that Entangles enemies, and Demolishes structures. The sound of a Savage Roar is often all that's needed to frighten foes from the forest. If not, then the pair goes into a Rabid state, increasing their speed as they roam the lands for intruders. Man or bear, the distinction is not always clear. When the situation calls for it, the Lone Druid takes his True Form, lets out an invigorating Battle Cry, and joins the mêlée to fight claw-to-claw alongside his bear.
Naga Siren icon.png
Naga Siren
Once a highly regarded commander of the Slithereen Guard, Slithice fell from honor following a seemingly trivial oversight. She was to find the one stolen chalice, or remain banished forever. Slithice splits into three Mirror Images, sending them to scout ahead and mislead foes. She Ensnares targets in a luminous net, then lashes out with Rip Tide to soften their armor. The enemy halts in mid-swing, lowering their weapons at the sound of a haunting aria. There they will stand, mesmerized, unresponsive to Slithice's encircling allies as they listen to the Siren Song that has lulled them to their deaths.
Troll Warlord icon.png
Troll Warlord
Jah'rakal is an intolerable scoundrel, even for a troll. As such, being kicked out of the troll encampment only served to fuel his anger. The next day, he returned with steel in hand, and slew his former comrades in a Berserker's Rage. With each passing blow, the self-styled Troll Warlord accelerates his swings in an irate Fervor. Swapping effortlessly between melee and ranged, he throws his weapons to cripple from afar, while chopping down adjacent foes with Whirling Axes. To challenge Jah'rakal is to invite one's own death. The Troll Warlord enters a Battle Trance, channeling pure hatred into unequaled speed as he decimates his opponents in a storm of bloody axes.
Ember Spirit icon.png
Ember Spirit
Impressed by the teachings of Xin, the Burning Celestial breathed life into the warrior-poet's ashes, and from there an image of Xin appeared, born anew as the Ember Spirit. The great teacher dashes through his opponents, a Sleight of Fist that strikes each foe once before returning to his original spot. He immobilizes enemies with Searing Chains, holding them in place against the scorching heat of his Flame Guard. Across the land, Xin's glowing likenesses stand silent guard. The Ember Spirit arrives at his Fire Remnants from impossible distances, catching the unprepared in a burst of flame before they surrender their lives to Xin's burning blades.
Monkey King icon.png
Monkey King
Having survived every encounter with the wrathful gods, the immortal Sun Wukong returns to do what he does best: cause endless Mischief. Tricky and deceptive, the Monkey King takes the shape of a tree, and lies in wait to Boundless Strike the unsuspecting with his extendable staff. He leaps nimbly from treetop to treetop, scouting the ideal location to crash down on enemies with Primal Spring. A tuft of hair—plucked from his head—scatters into the wind, transforming into legions of soldiers. Under Wukong's Command, the clone army makes certain that no foe ever leaves the field without battling the Monkey King himself.
Bloodseeker icon.png
The Flayed Twins' obscene demand for blood could only be met through constant carnage, a task for which Strygwyr was more than suited. Driven by insatiable Thirst, the Bloodseeker senses injured foes from leagues away, allowing him to chase them down with eager speed. Through sacred markings on his gear, the blood of the freshly sacrificed flows directly to the Flayed Ones, leaving just enough to mend his wounds and fuel his Bloodrage. Strygwyr paints the land with a crimson ring, silencing foes caught in this Blood Rite. Those who run only hasten their own demise. The Bloodseeker Ruptures every artery, causing his victim to hemorrhage with each step. By blood loss or by Strygwyr's tribal blades, death is but a foregone conclusion.
Shadow Fiend icon.png
Shadow Fiend
Some heroes collect trophies, others collect hats. The one known as Nevermore prefers souls. Maintaining perfect Necromastery over his collection, the Shadow Fiend grows in power with every soul claimed. Armor fails in the Presence of the Dark Lord, leaving foes no choice but to scramble before he Shadowrazes them to oblivion. It is a poor idea to surround Nevermore. The Shadow Fiend pauses to charge his demonic energies, then, with a flourish of his lightless wings, releases his collection in all directions to obliterate enemies in a howling Requiem of Souls.
Razor icon.png
The whip that ushers the dead through the Narrow Maze brings just as much pain on the battlefield. The Lightning Revenant radiates a Plasma Field that shocks nearby foes, once upon expansion, and again upon contraction. He connects to enemy heroes with a Static Link, transferring their power to his own reserves. Charged with an Unstable Current, Razor hovers effortlessly off the ground, and sends jolts of electricity to those who dare target him with spells. In the Eye of the Storm, one finds Razor, watching and delighting in his work as bolts of lightning reduce his foes to charred remains.
Venomancer icon.png
In his panic, the herbalist Lesale injected himself with a crude antidote, made from the nectar of an armored orchid, and the venom of the reptile that had just stung him. He fell comatose, and a lurid transformation began spreading through his body. Seventeen years later, a strange creature arose from the jungle floor. It infected other living beings by its very touch, and spewed Venomous Gales to slow and poison escaping prey. Part reptile and part orchid, what remained of Lesale's human mind now works to plant Plague Wards, living sentinels that defend its perimeters with acid spit. Foes who approach too close are sprayed with a noxious Poison Nova, ensuring that even those who get away eventually succumb to the Venomancer's many toxins.
Faceless Void icon.png
Faceless Void
Hailing from the realm of Claszureme, Darkterror is a being for whom the laws of spacetime do not apply. The Faceless Void knocks opponents out of this dimension, pausing and stunning them with Time Lock. He fast-forwards through space, stepping past obstacles while backtracking any damage taken. Nearby enemies are exposed to Time Dilation, slowing not only their movement, but also the rate at which spells can be cast. Darkterror rips opens a rift to Claszureme, bringing all except himself to a complete standstill. Frozen in time, foes can only stand oblivious as the Faceless Void dismantles them from within the Chronosphere.
Phantom Assassin icon.png
Phantom Assassin
Of all the assassins raised by the Sisters of the Veil, only one is known by name: Mortred. Through meditation and prophecy, the order identifies the next target to die at her hands. Attacks miss against the Phantom Assassin as she Blurs into her surroundings, traversing undetected across the land to catch her victims unawares. She opens the encounter with a Stifling Dagger, thrown from the shadows, then leaps upon the crippled target to deliver a flurry of Phantom Strikes. Mortred ends the struggle with a decisive Coup de Grace, leaving behind only the blood-splattered ground as testament to her efficiency.
Viper icon.png
It was foolhardy to try and tame a Netherdrake, a lesson the old wizard learned in death. Freed from his captor, Viper spread his wings and went forth to explore the surface world. His Poison Attack causes joints to harden, crippling foes whether they choose to flee or fight. Nethertoxin spreads throughout their body, growing more potent with every bit of health lost. The Netherdrake's tough, Corrosive Skin protects against spellcraft, and burns assailants with acid. But it is the dreaded Viper Strike that signals the beginning of the end. The afflicted victim staggers to a crawl, barely able to take his next step. If the Netherdrake doesn't finish him off, the venom in his veins will.
Clinkz icon.png
As Clinkz loosed his final arrow, the demon Maraxiform ignited the land with hellfire, burning him to the bone. Yet, the heroic bowman did not die. He had slain the demon, and unwittingly earned the king-mage Sutherex's reward: Eternal life. Immortalized at the precipice of death, Clinkz now makes advantageous use of his skeletal body. Camouflaged, he walks into hostile lands, revealing himself only to Strafe enemies from behind. The demon's infernal flames burn continuously within his ribs, with which he now lights Searing Arrows to devastating effect. Before any impending showdown, Clinkz renews himself with a lesser version of the king-mage's spell, consuming wildlife to form a Death Pact so that he may borrow their strength to use as his own.
Broodmother icon.png
Inhabiting the lava tubes below the caldera of Mount Pyrotheos, Black Arachnia grew tired of recent adventurers stepping on her many offspring. And so, the Broodmother set out to rid the world of every potential intruder, one hero at a time. Paralytic venom drips from her fangs, crippling and blinding her prey with each Incapacitating Bite. Warm bodies make ideal nurseries, a fact not lost on Black Arachnia as she injects her eggs into dying foes to Spawn Spiderlings. Across patches of land she Spins Webs of silken fiber, concealing herself within to recuperate injuries. Driven by Insatiable Hunger, the Broodmother goes into a feeding frenzy, sucking the vital fluids from wandering heroes to replenish herself for the next spawn cycle.
Weaver icon.png
All Weavers worked to maintain the fabric of creation, save one Skitskurr, who took it upon himself to create that which had not been woven. Cast out for his ambitions, Skitskurr was now free from his obligations, free to weave a new reality of his own. He opens a gap in spacetime, inviting The Swarm to latch onto enemies, and nibble away at their armor. Nearly impossible to pin down, he slips into micro-wormholes, passing through enemies and reappearing with Shukuchi. The fabric of time frays around Skitskurr, occasionally replaying his actions with Geminate Attack. The Weaver takes brinksmanship to an extreme. Fighting to the verge of death, Skitskurr turns back the clock with Time Lapse, reversing his injuries and undoing his foes' efforts, much to their dismay.
Spectre icon.png
An eternal being of violent energies, Mercurial, the Spectre is irresistibly drawn to conflict. She throws out a Spectral Dagger, creating a shadowy trail to her foes in which she may travel unobstructed. Harm done to Mercurial is partially deflected onto nearby foes, a Dispersion of damage that prolongs her endurance. Even in the most Desolate wilderness, travelers are Haunted by visions of Spectre, seeming to prey on their solitude. But these are no mere illusions. It is said that for one in every five haunted, the apparition becomes Reality, and alongside these unfortunate victims the Spectre appears, bringing with her the destruction that she eternally craves.
Meepo icon.png
A scavenger's life is not easy. It was one thing to Earthbind a potential meal, but quite another to handle the Riftshadow crystals that, upon breaking, could splinter one's soul. They are valuable, though. And that's what matters most to Meepo. Seldom seen alone, Meepo commands up to five separate bodies, completing multiple tasks in record time. Tired clones are sent home to rest, and once refreshed, quickly rejoins his brethren with a simple Poof. Draining and bogging down foes with Geostrike, a swarm of angry, shovel-wielding Meepos can overwhelm even the mightiest of heroes.
Nyx Assassin icon.png
Nyx Assassin
Within the colony of zealot scarabs, the queen goddess Nyx selected a single grub to answer her highest calling. And so, through designed metamorphosis, the Nyx Assassin came into being. The telepathic scarab devours his prey's minds through Mana Burn, while sending out rows of subterranean spikes to Impale them from below. Armored with a Spiked Carapace, he stuns attackers and reflects damage back to their source. But the goddess' servant is deadliest when unseen. A distracted target has no chance to react as the Nyx Assassin pierces its body with massive mandibles, thereby fulfilling an unspoken Vendetta in the name of his queen.
Slark icon.png
The only prisoner ever to escape from Dark Reef, Slark's abilities and ruthlessness are without equal. The Nightcrawler Pounces on his foes, leaping over obstacles and pinning them to the ground. With every swing of his barnacle encrusted blade, Slark steals his target's essences, converting them to render himself more agile. He forges a Dark Pact, sacrificing his own lifeblood to dissipate negative energies that damage foes, and frees him from magical constraints. Concealing himself with Shadow Dance, the Nightcrawler presents no visible target to would-be attackers. Hidden in this black haze, Slark escapes the inescapable, and returns to gut his enemies with little risk of retribution.
Medusa icon.png
The youngest Gorgon was also the most beautiful, but looks alone could not rescue her kidnapped sisters. Therefore, Medusa traded her beauty for terrible new powers, and has never regretted it since. Each arrow she fires divides into multiple Split Shots, striking several targets at once. Foes bitten by Mystic Snake are sapped of energy, a resource that returns to Medusa for her defensive use. Encased in a Mana Shield, she survives against even the most unfavorable odds. Heroes who lay eyes on her may find it hard to turn away. Petrified, none could hope to approach Medusa before the Gorgon's legendary Stone Gaze turns their bodies to statues.
Terrorblade icon.png
The fractal walls of Foulfell not only failed to contain Terrorblade, they granted him newfound control over its twisted Reflections. The Demon Marauder Conjures Images of himself, confounding enemies and multiplying his damage. Feeding on his own rage, Terrorblade transforms into an even more imposing form; an unholy Metamorphosis that allows him to hurl demonic energies at range. Experienced foes know that an injured demon is far from defeated. At the brink of death, Terrorblade tips the scales with Sunder, eliminating any need for retreat as he exchanges his depleted health with that of his opponent's.
Arc Warden icon.png
Arc Warden
As old as the Ancients themselves, Zet endeavors to end the disharmony among the warring factions through whatever means necessary. Solitary foes are thrown into a volatile state of Flux, ripping away at their health over time. Allies find shelter under its Magnetic Field, evading and attacking with greater efficiency. Zet summons Spark Wraiths, fragments of its former self that circle in place, and seek out nearby foes. Is there one Arc Warden, or two? Armed with the original's items and abilities, Zet's Tempest Double duplicates each spell and every attack, bringing twice the chaos to any fight.

Icon Int selected.png Intelligenz[Bearbeiten]

Intelligenz Helden sind meister der Fähigkeiten. Oft haben die große mana pools und haben oft eine viel höhere Mana Regeneration als andere Helden. Deswegen stützen sie sich oft auf ihre Fähigkeiten umd anderen zu helfen oder Schaden auszuteilen als mit ihren Regulären Attacken , Dennoch gibt es ein paar die Magische Kraft nutzen um ihre Regulären Attacken zu verstärken. Viele Intelligenz Helden sind zerbrechlich und ranged heroes, das heißt aber nicht das sie unbedingt leicht zu töten sind den oft können sie andere auf Abstand halten oder selber schnell töten . deswegen werden sie oft als support, ganker, oder pusher gespielt, aber ein paar werden auch als carries gespielt.

Hero Description
Crystal Maiden icon.png
Crystal Maiden
Wherever Rylai went, the cold went with her. Fields and orchards withered in her wake, leaving her parents no choice but to pack her off to Icewrack, a realm in the frigid north. Under the tutelage of a hermit wizard, Rylai learned to imprison her enemies with Frostbite, holding them in place as she freezes the ground with Crystal Nova. Magic flourishes under her Arcane Aura, stimulating mana regeneration in all her companions. In the heat of battle, Rylai keeps a cool head. Channeling her elemental talents, the Crystal Maiden summons enormous shards of ice from the skies, obliterating all foes foolish enough to remain in her Freezing Field.
Puck icon.png
Hatched on the frond of the Undertree, Puck's youthful mischievousness belied inscrutable motives. Tricky and elusive, the neotenous Faerie Dragon launches a bright Illusory Orb, then reappears at any point along its path. It disrupts magecraft with a sprinkle of faerie dust, then Phase Shifts out of existence to avoid swords and spells alike. Equally adept at fighting and play, Puck binds foes to a single point with Dream Coil, forcing them to break their restraints and be stunned, or stay and face Puck's advancing allies.
Storm Spirit icon.png
Storm Spirit
In a final act of desperation, the elementalist Thunderkeg cast a suicidal spell that merged his being with the Storm Celestial. From this fusion, the Storm Spirit was born. Now known by his combined name, Raijin Thunderkeg leaves behind crackling images of himself, boastful poses that shock foes as he pulls them into his Electric Vortex. Every ability Overloads him with energy, which he gleefully discharges on the next unfortunate target. Like a jolly weatherman, Raijin forecasts victory with a boisterous laugh. The Storm Spirit flashes across the land in the form of Ball Lightning, zaps his enemies senseless, and zips away before any can hope to catch him.
Windranger icon.png
Born in the midst of a ruinous tempest, Lyralei has always been one with the elemental wind. Swift of foot, and true of aim, she Windruns across the battlefield, avoiding attacks as she charges a Powershot to pierce foes from afar. Armed with both quiver and rope, the Windranger binds enemies together with a handy Shackleshot. Honing her concentration, Lyralei launches a relentless sequence of arrows, Focus Firing on a single target until it resembles little more than an oversized pincushion.
Zeus icon.png
Fond of mortal women, but even fonder of immortality, the Lord of Heaven descends from the clouds to prove himself a faithful spouse. Charged with godly might, Zeus calls down Lightning Bolts, smiting the wicked and revealing the hidden. Arc Lightning crackles between his fingers, jolts of electricity that leap from one puny mortal to the next. There is no running from heaven. Zeus points his arms skyward, bringing divine punishment down on each and every foe. Wherever they may be, none shall stand against the Thundergod's Wrath.
Lina icon.png
Like her younger sister, Lina's elemental affinity was the source of many headaches. Sent south to live with a patient aunt, she learned to master her Fiery Soul in the blazing Desert of Misrule. Channeling the breath of Desert Wyrms, she unleashes her Dragon Slave to burn a clear path before her. Attuned to fire, Lina ignites the ground with Light Strike Array, incinerating foes in a column of flame. Even the hardiest of heroes fear the Slayer's signature spell: The Laguna Blade. Focusing every bit of heat around her, Lina fires a condensed bolt of white-hot energy, instantly terminating her opponent with minimal struggle or effort.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
Shadow Shaman
Much to the surprise of the travelling con-man, his newly adopted assistant could actually perform his tricks with real magic. Rhasta, the young half-troll, dazzled audiences with the lights of Ether Shock, among other things. But their duplicitous deeds soon caught up with them. An angry mob descended on the pair, killing the old master. Rhasta had no choice but to adapt his show tricks for darker purposes. He Hexes one foe, transforming him into a chicken, while locking down another with magical Shackles—but not before conjuring up a Mass Serpent Ward. Spitting fire in every direction, the Shadow Shaman's charmed snakes make short work of his disabled enemies.
Tinker icon.png
Compared to magic, the study of natural law was much more consistent, but no less dangerous. From their subterranean laboratory, Boush and his colleagues opened a portal to a distant world, a portal through which untold horrors began to pass into this realm. Cutting his way to freedom with a Laser, Boush surfaced as the only Tinker to survive the Violet Plateau incident. Equipped with contraptions befitting a maniacal researcher, Boush launches Heat-Seeking Missiles from his shoulders, and radios in armies of robotic drones to disassemble his enemies. Unhindered by the delays of magic, the Tinker Rearms his tools on the fly, wasting no time in demolishing anything that stands in his way.
Nature's Prophet icon.png
Nature's Prophet
Planted as a seed by the goddess Verodicia, and grown from the remnants of her own body, the Nature's Prophet rose on the vernal equinox to defend the verdant world. Gifted with foresight, he Teleports freely across the land to intercept and ambush trespassers. A ring of trees Sprout from the forest floor, trapping foes within its foliage. From the woods, he calls forth countless treants to act as sentient guardians. Channeling the goddess' fury, the Prophet strikes at every intruder in the land, bringing the Wrath of Nature down on all who would do harm to Verodicia's creation.
Enchantress icon.png
Sproink! Carefree and pure of heart, Aiushtha wanders the forests, listening to the stories of its inhabitants. Nature's Attendants flutter around her, lively sprites that heal critters big and small. When necessary, she Enchants woodland creatures to do her bidding. A perfect image of Untouchable innocence, hunters hesitate to make even the slightest move against Aiushtha. This reluctance is seldom reciprocated. Threats against her friends embolden the Enchantress to break her gentle demeanor, giving her the Impetus to bring those who disturb the peace to a swift and final justice.
Jakiro icon.png
Most Pyrexae dragons are hatched with one head, attuned to either ice or fire. Then there was Jakiro, an accident of nature. Possessing the might of both elements, the twin-headed dragon's Dual Breath freezes and burns simultaneously. Gobs of Liquid Fire adhere to armor and walls, melting down steel and stone alike. Retreating foes are blocked off with Ice Path, giving Jakiro ample time to roast them on his Macropyre.
Chen icon.png
Converted at swordpoint after a disastrous battle, Chen quickly became one of the Fold's most zealous knights. Raised among the clans of the Hazhadal Barrens, Chen adapts his skills of animal enthrallment to perform Holy Persuasions, compelling packs of beasts to fight for his cause. Foes are subjected to arduous Tests of Faith, and if found wanting, forced to atone through the magnified pains of Penitence. Chen's devotion does not go unrewarded. The Hand of God aids his companions in their quests, intervening at critical moments to heal their injuries and save them from fatal blows.
Silencer icon.png
Two hundred years of selective breeding had produced Nortrom, the prophesied war-mage that would bring glory to the order of Aeol Drias. Therefore, disgust and disappointment followed when it was found that the boy could cast not even a hex. Yet, on the day of final testing, Nortrom would have the Last Word. His arranged opponents fell under an Arcane Curse, draining their health with each incantation made. Then, there was Global Silence. Not a gasp or whisper escaped their lips as Nortrom finished off each challenger with his multipronged Glaives of Wisdom. At that moment, it became clear to all watching: The absence of magic can be the greatest magic of all.
Ogre Magi icon.png
Ogre Magi
Ogres were not known for their intelligence. Thankfully, a two-headed ogre is born once every generation, a blessed individual whose combined brainpower puts him on par with the dullest of single-headed creatures. Dubbed Aggron Stonebreak, the Ogre Magi bats orbs of flame to Ignite his playthings, then chases after them in a frenzied Bloodlust. What he lacks in wits, he makes up for with luck. The Ogre Magi possesses an innate chance to Multicast his spells, allowing him to quash enemies by doubling, tripling, even quadrupling the damage from a simple Fireblast.
Rubick icon.png
A renowned duelist among sorcerers, Rubick ascended to the title of Grand Magus through the careful elimination of his rivals. Accustomed to assassins, Rubick reacts by lifting attackers off the ground, then throws them across the room with Telekinesis. Arcane energies are dampened by his Null Field, while conventional arms falter after being struck with Fade Bolt. No magic is beyond the reach of the Grand Magus. Rubick replicates enemy specialties with Spell Steal, deciphering their secrets before turning them back towards their owners.
Disruptor icon.png
From upland Druud, the Stormcrafter known as Disruptor rides down on his stryder to meet those who threaten ancient Oglodi lands. On his back, he carries a device that lets him aim Thunder Strikes from the skies. The Stormcrafter teleports enemy heroes to an earlier location, and erects his Kinetic Field to confine them within a circular barrier. Magic dissipates inside Disruptor's Static Storm, leaving foes caught within no option but to await their own destruction.
Keeper of the Light icon.png
Keeper of the Light
What appears to be a frail old man on his steed is, in truth, a Fundamental, the Keeper of the Light. Ezalor's staff Illuminates the darkest corners, banishing evil from the realm. He undermines enemy casters with Mana Leak, while replenishing his companions with Chakra Magic. The Keeper's Spirit Form emerges in the face of true adversity. A Blinding Light flashes over the land, causing foes to miss their attacks, thus rendering them helpless against the reinforcements Ezalor has Recalled to his side.
Skywrath Mage icon.png
Skywrath Mage
Ensconced in his studies, Dragonus hardly noticed the treachery being plotted against his lover. By the time Shendelzare had fallen from grace, it was already too late. Bound to his courtly duties, Dragonus could only dream in secret of restoring his beloved to her rightful throne. Until then, he would sharpen his skills, blasting away at targets with Arcane Bolt and slowing them with Concussive Shot. Those who stand in his way would be muted by an Ancient Seal, exposing their vulnerability before the Skywrath Mage annihilates them in the storm of Mystic Flare.
Oracle icon.png
Assigned to council the Graven King, Nerif's words came true with such accuracy that his advisors began to question whether the Oracle merely spoke prophecies, or shaped the very paths of fate itself. Exiled from his own universe for his disturbing powers, Nerif now turns his gifts to more immediate concerns. It could go either way. The Oracle's famous words reflect his own double-edged actions. Purging both boons and curses, Fortune's End comes sooner than expected. Fate's Edict shelters heroes from magic, yet prevents them from raising arms. Purifying Flames stimulate regeneration, but not without the initial pains of cleansing. Allies may find themselves briefly immune to both healing and harm, only to receive their effects twofold at the end of Nerif's False Promise.
Techies icon.png
Techies Demolitions was not so much a business as it was an excuse for Squee, Spleen, and Spoon to practice their favorite hobby: Blowin' stuff up. The Proximity Mines they buried beneath Toterin collapsed that town into a heap of rubble. The Stasis Traps they set for Trapper Town stunned the trappers while their quarry got away. A new invention has to be tested on something. Packed with flamesalt explosives, a stack of Remote Mines reduced Dredger's Bight to a smoking crater. Techies Demolitions handles dissatisfied customers with unexpected cheer. The last words "Blast Off!" can be heard just before an epic explosion delivers them from the need to face any consequences.
Bane icon.png
Formed from the ichor of Nyctasha, Atropos is the vaporous embodiment of pure fear. Sheer terror Enfeebles his enemies, diminishing their attacks. The Bane Elemental puts heroes to sleep, sending them into a restless Nightmare as he feeds on their vital energies through Brain Sap. Some will never wake. Caught in the Fiend's Grip, Bane's victims can only swing at imagined phantoms as fear chokes the life from their bodies.
Lich icon.png
Resurrected by a curious geomancer, Ethreain threw off his shackles, and immediately Sacrificed his savior for mana. Finally freed from the depths of the Black Pool, the Lich returns to wreak icy destruction on the world. Shielding his followers with Ice Armor, Ethreain floats across the battlefield to Frost Blast any who cross him. A frozen orb descends on his foes, traveling from one body to the next until the Chain Frost brings all opposition to their knees.
Lion icon.png
Betrayed by his demon partner, Lion went to hell and back for his vengeance, retrieving the demon's hand and grafting it onto his own body. Earth Spikes burst out from the ground, sending his enemies into the air. A simple Hex turns heroes into a harmless frogs, allowing Lion to Mana Drain them without interruption. Satisfied, the Demon Witch raises his disfigured hand, and points the Finger of Death to exterminate foes with a torrent of infernal energy.
Witch Doctor icon.png
Witch Doctor
A bizarre figure shambles across the land, searching for any opportunity to apply the morbid arts of Prefectura Island. Filling a skull with noxious powder, the Witch Doctor throws this Paralyzing Cask to stun enemies in succession. To his allies, Zharvakko is a fountain of health, curing ailments with Voodoo Restoration. To his foes, he is the source of curses. The Witch Doctor Maledicts his adversaries, forcing them to relive the agony they will inevitably receive from his Death Ward.
Enigma icon.png
A mystery worthy of his name, Enigma could only be described as a being of the void, a beast between planes. He draws aspects of himself from other dimensions, performing Demonic Conversions to summon numerous Eidolons. The ground darkens under a Midnight Pulse, and foes are stunned by the unseen force of Malefice as they try to flee its entropic effects. One legend has it that Enigma is actually the first collapsed star. This theory grows more plausible as Enigma begins to channel a cosmic singularity, pulling all except himself into the superdense center of his Black Hole.
Necrophos icon.png
Sentenced to a slow death by plague, the corrupt cardinal Rotund'jere instead found himself infected, but miraculously immune. A sadist by nature, this strange circumstance gave him the opportunity to carry out his morbid ambitions. Proclaiming himself the Necrophos, he set out to spread disease far and wide. Cloaked in a Ghost Shroud, the cardinal's ethereal presence chills his surroundings, while those who wander too close are struck by waves of Death Pulse. The most afflicted are often the first to die. Marking a head for death, the Pope of Pestilence culls the infirm with a single swing of the Reaper's Scythe.
Warlock icon.png
In the endless pursuit of rare texts, Demnok Lannik found it necessary to learn the magicks that would help him reach the most inaccessible tomes. In short time, his obsessive study made him the most powerful Warlock in the academy. He whispers a versatile Shadow Word to heal fellow adventurers, or damage hostile creatures. Fatal Bonds link his enemies together, forcing each to suffer a share of the others' pains. Demnok Lannik brings a Chaotic Offering to every fight. Mired in a dimensional Upheaval, not even an army can hold out long against the Warlock's flaming Golem.
Queen of Pain icon.png
Queen of Pain
Summoned in secret to fulfill a forbidden desire, Akasha performed the most exquisite torments—until her client was thrown to his death for neglecting his royal duties. Released from her contract, the Queen of Pain was now free to bring agony to whomever she pleased. She Shadow Strikes, hurling a poisoned dagger that draws out the suffering over time. Running is futile. Akasha Blinks past defenses, wracking her victims with Scream of Pain. There is only one release from such torture. The Queen flexes her membranous wings, then delivers an earpiercing Sonic Wave that will put an end to all misery.
Death Prophet icon.png
Death Prophet
Denied her own death time and again, Krobelus returns from the grave with skills acquired from the beyond. Gathering a Crypt Swarm, she sends forth a flock of winged beasts to harass the living. A pall of Silence falls over the land, stifling any objection as she Spirit Siphons her enemies dry. Mortals beware. The Death Prophet performs an Exorcism, unleashing the banshee remnants of her previous lives to turn the battlefield into her own haunted ground.
Pugna icon.png
Chosen at a tender age to be the next lama, Pugna wasted no time in demonstrating his abilities. He Decrepifies his classmates, briefly banishing them to another realm. His Nether Ward fires mana flares at the source of any nearby magic, discouraging even the most powerful casters. A Nether Blast soon rocked the lamasery, razing it to the ground. The temple no longer served any purpose. Pugna had transcended his predecessors—a fact few would doubt lest he decides to Life Drain them into oblivion.
Dazzle icon.png
A journey to the Nothl realm changes all its visitors, not least of which Dazzle, a young acolyte of the Dezun order. Consecrated as a Shadow Priest, Dazzle sends outs Shadow Waves to mend and maim. Foes are crippled by his Poison Touch, while allies are blessed with Shallow Grave, cheating death no matter how severe their injuries. An invaluable member of any party, Dazzle Weaves together darkness and light, enchanting the land itself to create for his allies the ultimate sanctuary.
Leshrac icon.png
Once a worldly philosopher, the hideous truth at the heart of existence twisted Leshrac into the vile being he is today. The Split Earth beneath his hooves opens to consume the unsuspecting, while Lightning Storms strike down entire fields of foes. He pronounces a Diabolic Edict, saturating the air with bouts of magical explosions. Warping the structure of spacetime, Leshrac emits a continuous Pulse Nova, disintegrating nearby foes without ever lifting a finger.
Dark Seer icon.png
Dark Seer
In a final, calculated move, Ish'Kafel led his outnumbered army into a new world, sealing the path behind with a burst of dark energy. A cunning tactician, the Dark Seer manipulates gravity to pull foes into a Vacuum, drawing them into the prismatic thorns of his Ion Shell. Armed only with his intellect, he Surges across the land to survey every point of conflict. At strategic locations Ish'Kafel places a Wall of Replica, sowing confusion amongst enemy ranks as an army of duplicates emerge to do battle against their own likenesses.
Batrider icon.png
While most would find being kidnapped by a morde-bat to be a terrifying ordeal, one particular young man found the incident exhilarating. Seeking to relive the thrill of flight, he entered the Yama Raskav Jungle, and came out high above the canopy as the Batrider. Atop his leathery mount, he drenches targets below in Sticky Napalm, increasing their flammability before setting the land ablaze with Firefly. He hurls an explosive cocktail, knocking foes away with Flamebreak. Want a ride? That can be arranged. The Batrider spots heroes from above, and throws out the Flaming Lasso to string them along for an experience they will not soon forget.
Ancient Apparition icon.png
Ancient Apparition
Projected from the cold, infinite void, the Ancient Apparition known as Kaldr is but a faint image of his true self. Nevertheless, his Chilling Touch is enough to crack the sturdiest of armors. Caught in an Ice Vortex, heroes afflicted with Cold Feet seldom go far. A frozen sphere flies across the sky, expanding at its destination. Within seconds, an Ice Blast strikes the marked area. Flash frozen, enemies have no choice but to retreat before their brittle bodies shatter to pieces...
Invoker icon.png
A competent wizard knows perhaps two spells; an exceptional one, three or four. Wielding the elements of Quas, Wex, and Exort, the Invoker surpasses them all. He conjures Forge Spirits, granting them the Alacrity to stun foes through Cold Snap. Predicting enemy movement, the Invoker Sun Strikes any point in the world, then disappears with Ghost Walk, leaving an impassable Ice Wall to dissuade pursuers. A strong Tornado throws opponents into the air, while an EMP awaits to deplete their mana upon landing. Advancing enemies are repelled with Deafening Blasts, giving Invoker more than enough time to crush them under a Chaos Meteor. Whatever magic he chooses, one thing is certain: All shall come to bow before the Arsenal Magus.
Outworld Devourer icon.png
Outworld Devourer
Wary of the happenings near the central sun, Harbinger departs from his vigil to take his place on the plains of war. The Outworld Devourer is a spring of arcane power, providing close-by allies with bursts of mana. Any being may be placed in Astral Imprisonment, strategically removing them from the field. Glowing spheres fly from his staff, Arcane Orbs that permeate any shield. Looming above his enemies, the Outworld Devourer drops the proverbial hammer, extinguishing the unenlightened with the cosmic force of Sanity's Eclipse.
Shadow Demon icon.png
Shadow Demon
Conspiring to gain power in material plane, the Shadow Demon patiently amassed himself a cult of followers. An entity of malevolent corruption, he spreads Shadow Poison to pollute the pure, compounding its effects with Soul Catcher. Heroes sent into the void of Disruption are temporarily hidden, but return with two illusions under his command. A Demonic Purge strips unneeded servants of every enchantment, effectively relieving them of their duties—and their lives.
Visage icon.png
Perched atop the Narrow Maze was Visage, a dreadful gargoyle form to which the eternal spirit Necro'lic was bound. Tasked with hunting down those who escape the afterlife, Visage instills a Grave Chill in his prey, impairing them as he reaps their essence with Soul Assumption. Protected by a Gravekeeper's Cloak, the gargoyle's ablative layers deflect both steel and spells. Visage's Familiars circle above, scouting the land for runaways. On his command, they harass their prey, then drop down to earth in Stone Form to restrain the captive for their master's impending arrival.
Winter Wyvern icon.png
Winter Wyvern
Frustrated with writer's block, Auroth, the Eldwurm scholar takes flight from her lair to forge a new, heroic narrative—with herself as protagonist. Where most dragons originate fire, the Winter Wyvern stores unfathomable cold. Soaring over the treeline, she breathes a blistering chill, causing painful Arctic Burns. Frozen crystals form inside her gullet, shattering upon impact to Splinter Blast hordes of closely packed foes. Gentle with her companions, she holds them in a Cold Embrace, wrapping them in healing ice. Auroth has no time for would-be dragonslayers. Compelling her attackers to turn against one another, her Winter's Curse resolves the problem before any intruder ever sets foot in her lair.


  • In der DotA Geschichte, waren Helden in zwei teams aufgeteilt in Sentinels und Scourge (Radiant icon.png Radiant und Dire icon.png Dire in Dota 2). Dies wurde aber Später von Valve entfernt, man könnte die aufteilung noch im ladebildschirm des Helden sehen bis es komplett entfernt wurde im Update 7.00
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